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IOTA Price Predictions 2018 Analyzed

In late 2018, IOTA is the 12th most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap, currently worth $0.52 per MIOTA at the time of writing this. There are many posts on the topic of predicting IOTA's price over the next few months and even going into 2019, 2020 and onwards.

Below we analyse a number of arguments commonly used when making these predictions for IOTA's price, both for it increasing and decreasing.


Before we get to the predictions, it's important to understand one aspect of IOTA that initially confused us when putting together this guide. When you see the price of IOTA on sites like CoinMarketCap, you're not seeing the price of a single IOTA, you're seeing the price of a 'MIOTA', where 1 MIOTA = 1,000,000 IOTA.

Many exchanges also use the ticker symbol 'IOTA', but when you buy 1 of these you're actually buying 1 'MIOTA' behind the scenes. You may also see 'GIOTA' used, where 1 GIOTA = 1,000 MIOTA (think about it like megabyte vs gigabyte if you find it confusing).

Common arguments for IOTA's price to increase:

  • IOTA has partnerships and affiliations with a lot of different companies, far more than a lot of other cryptocurrency projects. Some people claim these partners have no intention of using IOTA, other people claim they do, but regardless, the list of partners is significant and includes companies like Volkswagon, PHILIPS, Eclipse and BOSCH. Because of all these, IOTA may stand a better chance of surviving any potential dips/price crashes in the cryptocurrency space than coins with fewer.
  • IOTA is targeting the IoT space (Internet of Things), and because of its partnerships mentioned above, it's going very well in countries like Germany. It even has the attention of the German government, where they've created policies in support of IOTA and the IOTA Foundation. Key figures in the IOTA Foundation are planned to make a presentation alongside the German chancellor in November 2018.
  • IOTA has a project called 'IOTA Hub', which claims to make 'integrating IOTA simple for any kind of service provider'. This means that it's potentially much easier to integrate on exchanges for example, where it can be added in weeks rather than months, potentially allowing more potential buyers access to IOTA.
  • Resistant to quantum computers. Theoretically, at some point in time, a quantum computer may be made that can break the encryption used on many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. IOTA claims to be designed in a way that's more resilient to quantum computers, and so is safer from this potential threat, where many other coins aren't. In the very long-term this could allow IOTA to hold its value in the event of a quantum computer attack, but more importantly, the fact that they have this built-in may attract potential investors.

Common arguments for IOTA's price to decrease:

  • IOTA's consensus mechanism, in the short-term, is fairly centralised, where a single 'coordinator' node is the only one fully trusted on their network, and is used to validate any transactions. The idea is that once IOTA is large enough this coordinator will be removed and IOTA will become fully decentralised. Until that time though it is still centralised, and because many other coins are more decentralised right now that may have a negative affect on its price. It seems they may have turned this off in the past for short periods to demonstrate that it isn't needed.
  • Crypto regulation. Although in some countries regulation is in support of cryptocurrencies like IOTA, others don't like cryptocurrencies in general.
  • Bitcoin adoption. Similar to our analysis of Litecoin, many people still don't know what Bitcoin is, so for IOTA, that doesn't even have 'Bitcoin' in its name, it may take years before it even reaches Bitcoin's current level of recognition.

Technical Analysis IOTA price predictions

There are a number of websites that offer IOTA price predictions based on technical analysis, using things like chart patterns as a basis. Popular predictions based on technical analysis:

  • Money flow. Similar to our analysis on Litecoin, CoinCheckup offers an analysis of what would happen if certain types of money moved into IOTA. Based on this analysis, if for example 30% of all physical currency and accounts at central banks were put into cryptocurrencies at the current ratio of money in each cryptocurrency, IOTA's price would increase to $6 per MIOTA (currently it's at 2.98%). Equally, if you also included checking & current accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts and certificate of deposit accounts, 30% of all that would push the price of a MIOTA up to $83 per coin at the current ratio. This argument was criticised when we shared this post on Reddit here, take a look at that post before assuming this theory is correct.

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