The Best Web-based Crypto Trackers in 2018

When you first buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies you need to register on an exchange. Most exchanges allow you to buy larger coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but if you want to buy smaller coins often you need to create accounts on more than one exchange. If storing long-term you'll also need to create wallets for each coin you own.

For 1 or 2 exchanges/wallets this is fine, but if you're not careful you can lose track of how many coins you have and where they're stored. This guide goes through websites that allow you to keep track of all your coins, these websites are generally called 'Crypto Portfolio Trackers' or 'Coin Trackers'.

How does a crypto tracker work?

If you hold coins in multiple exchanges or wallets, to monitor your balance you'd have to log into each exchange/wallet on a regular basis to see the current balanece & fiat value (e.g. in USD, EUR, GBP, etc.). This works, but it's very time consuming.

For a wallet, you can get the balance for most coins via a read-only public address. For exchanges, you can get similar data via read-only API keys. A crypto tracker works through these two mechanisms, where by giving the tracker these two things you can monitor all your balances/trades in one place. Alternatively many trackers also allow manual input if you're very privacy/security conscious, see this post for some possible manual trackers, or this post for a summary of risks. Below we cover the automated options available.

The Best web-based Crypto Trackers

Below we list some of the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers we've come across. All of them offer auto-syncing with exchanges via APIs, and offer charts displaying the balance of your portfolio. Exodus came up several times during research, we posted a separate guide analysing the Exodus wallet here.

Bitcoin Kit - Coin Tracker

This is a tracker we've built with the goal of offering a very simple & clean user interface, but with all the functionality you might need in a modern web-based crypto tracker. It offers Bitcoin, altcoin & ICO tracking for 1300+ coins. Some highlights:

  • Auto-sync support for 14 exchanges, 14 wallets & ERC20/NEP5 tokens.
  • Charts for per-exchange & per-coin holdings.
  • Per-exchange transaction history & cost basis (useful for tax reporting).


This is a very clean tracker, mainly based around the idea of reporting taxes in the United States & tracking return on investment of your portfolio. If offers exchange tracking for free, and charges for generating tax reports depending on how many transactions you have (it seems to charge for 1 tax year worth of data). Some highlights:

  • Lots of useful features for US-based users.
  • Backed by Y Combinator.


Previously called 'CoinDash', this coin tracker has a coin associated with it called 'CDT'. It seems to be in the early stages of its launch, offering support for 6 exchanges so far. Some highlights:

  • Very clean user interface.
  • Based around a coin.

CoinTracking (this is an affiliate link)

This website has been around for many years, and is at the bottom of this list because it has several issues. Feature-wise it's second to none, it offers very advanced charting & reporting functionality - but the problem is that it offers so much that a beginner would be very confused trying to use it. Also they only offer API importing on their paid plans, all the other sites above offer this for free (some limit the number of exchanges or transactions, but they at least have some free functionality). Some highlights:

  • Support for 5717 coins.
  • Offers CSV importing for 40 exchanges.
  • Advanced reporting functionality (including things like tax reports).

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