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Bitcoin Trading

This category contains beginner-friendly guides on the topic of cryptocurrency trading. It covers how to use popular exchanges, key concepts such as stop losses, margin trading & arbitrage, and lists potential risks when using certain exchanges.

Kraken is a popular international Bitcoin exchange, offering fiat-based trading between USD, CAD, EUR, JPY and a range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Although it's popular, it doesn't have a great reputation, where in late 2017 it had serious performance problems where when you tried trading it might take 20 or 30 seconds for their website to do anything, leading to buying things twice, s...

Coinbase is a very popular exchange for buying and selling Bitcoin, likely because it a very beginner-friendly interface compared to many exchanges. One problem with Coinbase is how they handle fees, where in short, they've very confusing!

Their fees change based on things like your country, deposit/withdrawal method, or amount traded. This guide will go through how all their fees work, a...

HitBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell various coins like Bitcoin. There are mixed opinions of it online, with some loving it and some hating it. Regardless of this, in mid-2018 HitBTC is often in the top 10 exchanges by 24 hour trading volume, so there is a large group of people that use this exchange on a daily basis.

This guide will go through how to start on Hi...

There are hundreds of Bitcoin exchanges available in 2018, all with varying features. One key aspect is the fee an exchange charges, as any fees will be taken away from your profits. This guide will go through which Bitcoin/crypto exchanges have the lowest fees.

Some fee-related terms you should be aware of:

  • Maker: This is a trader who creates a new order o...

When you first invest in crypto you might have a single account on a large exchange like Kraken or GDAX, but as you start buying lots of different coins you'll likely end up with accounts on several different exchanges, some of which only allow crypto deposits. This means you'll often have to send coins between exchanges.

This guide will explain how to work out which cryptocurrencies are ...

eToro has become a very popular platform for trading crypto in 2018, but one aspect of it has caused a lot of confusion - users not being able to withdraw crypto even though they own the underlying coins.

This guide will explain why eToro doesn't currently allow this, and when they plan to add it/how it will work.

eToro changing from crypto CFDs to real crypto...

Over 2018, CEX has become a very popular Bitcoin exchange as it supports a wide range of countries, offers normal & margin trading against fiat, and if used correctly has competetive fees.

Although this exchange has many good features it does have several drawbacks, such as high fees if you're not careful. This guide will go through how to get started on CEX, and which negative aspect...

IQ Option is becoming a popular platform for trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in 2018. Although they offer many useful features such as stop-losses & profit/loss statistics, there are risks of using IQ Option. This guide will go through these risks, and suggest ways to minimise them.

We posted a guide on how to use IQ Option here, so if you're very new to it give that a read ...


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