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Crypto news websites often give biased and limited coverage of cryptocurrency-related events as they happen. This category lists beginner-friendly & objective summaries of crypto news by analysing news articles, providing counter arguments if something is biased, and giving relevant facts & figures.

At the time of writing this on the 6th September 2018, Bitcoin has dropped 8.4% in the past 12 hours (it's currently at $6750, and looks to be dropping even more as we write this). Many altcoins like NEO and OMG dropped as much as 20%. This led to many news stories being posted around why this Bitcoin 'crash' happened.

Below we go through a number of these opinions.


Earlier today, around 11am EST on the 3rd August 2018, prices of many cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap shot up as much as 14% over a 10 minute period. This caused a lot of confusion around if this was market manipulation or if some big news had been released. We go through what seems to have caused this below.

We've shared this on Reddit here, feel free to share your thoughts o...

On the 3rd July 2018 at around 8:18pm UTC, Binance experienced irregular trading for a number of users via their API. After this happened they made the decision to remove all existing API keys from their system, and to also rollback the irregular trades made via their API.

In this post we go through what happened with Binance, and how it effects things like cryptocurrency trackers like ou...

Earlier today, on the 2nd July 2018, Coinbase announced the release of a new service called Coinbase Custody. This would potentially allow crypto hedge funds, exchanges & ICOs to store their crypto within Coinbase Custody very securely, potentially easing concerns around security in general in the crypto space.

Below we go through what Coinbase Custody is, and why it could have a big ...

In June 2018 there's been a lot of speculation around if CME Bitcoin Futures caused Bitcoin's price to crash, leading to a number of news articles on the topic. This guide will go through the arguments behind this and give a more objective overview.

We posted an earlier guide on what Bitcoin Futures are, we encourage you to read that guide first.

Controversy Surrounding ...

At the point of writing this, on the 10th June 2018, Bitcoin's USD price has dropped just over 11% in the past 24 hours. Other cryptocurrencies like EOS have dropped as much as 20%. This guide will go through some factors that may have caused this sudden drop in price (what many people call a 'crash').

Long-term factors causing Bitcoin's price to decrease?


A 51% attack is where a malicious individual or group controls more than 51% of the hashpower for a proof-of-work coin (a similar scenario can also occur for proof-of-stake, but we focus on proof-of-work below).

In May & June 2018, there have been many 51% attacks mentioned on various news websites. This guide will go through what a 51% attack is, and a timeline of the May/June 2018 a...

Every year there's blockchain conference called Consensus, hosted by CoinDesk, which this year was between the 14th-16th May 2018. Many considered Consensus 2017 as a big factor leading to Bitcoin's price increasing throughout 2017, and this year is no different with many expecting Bitcoin's price to up because of the conference.

This guide will summarise this argument, going through what...


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