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This category gives insights into the area of cryptocurrency trackers, often referred to as coin tracking. It covers topics such as the risks & benefits of using a tracker, and compares popular crypto trackers such as CoinTracker, Blox and CoinTracking.

We've spent some time finding the best way to track a cryptocurrency portfolio, going through many different web-based based trackers and mobile apps. During this research the Exodus wallet has come up a number of times, so we've put this guide together to compare Exodus against a traditional coin tracker.

Crypto Wallet vs a Tracker

Well firstly be aware that Ex...

In 2018, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become very popular, with thousands available to trade across hundreds of exchanges. This has led to a demand in services for tracking all these coins, mainly in the form of websites and mobile apps.

Many people just search for 'coin tracker' on their mobile device and install the first one they see, and often do the same for web-based trackers....

There are lots of mobile apps and websites being developed in 2018 for tracking cryptocurrency portfolios on exchanges and wallets. Many people use these unaware of the potential risks.

In this guide we go through the risks of using Crypto Portfolio Trackers, and ways to minimise them.

Before we begin, for full disclosure, we're developing our own Crypto Coin Tracker here....

When you first buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies you need to register on an exchange. Most exchanges allow you to buy larger coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but if you want to buy smaller coins often you need to create accounts on more than one exchange. If storing long-term you'll also need to create wallets for each coin you own.

For 1 or 2 exchanges/wallets this is fine, but if yo...


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