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Beginner Guides to Bitcoin

This category contains beginner-friendly guides on Bitcoin & altcoins. This includes information such as how Bitcoin works, what a hard-fork is, how to spot cryptocurrency scams, how to store Bitcoin safely, and what to do when Bitcoin's price falls.

Over 2017 and 2018 Bitcoin has become very widely known, some calling it the next generation of money and others calling it a scam. But Bitcoin isn't new, its software was first released in January 2009.

Below we explain when various aspects of Bitcoin were created, and other key events in its adoption.

Timeline of important Bitcoin events

18th August ...

Although Bitcoin has become very popular over 2018, for many people it's still very difficult to get involved with. For a non-technical person it's difficult to understand what Bitcoin actually is, nevermind how to go about buying it.

Below we go through what Bitcoin is, and how to buy it.

What is Bitcoin?

So a currency like the US Dollar is what's called ...

As Bitcoin prices increased in late 2017, a form of cyber attack called cryptojacking also grew significantly, where a malicious person mines crypto on a target's computer. This is sometimes referred to as 'drive-by mining'. Below we explain what cryptojacking is, what coins it effects, and how to protect yourself from it.

What is cryptojacking?

Bitcoin, a ver...

In June 2018, the EOS mainnet was launched, where it was migrated from being an ERC20 token to a standalone coin. There has been a lot of controversy and confusion around this new mainnet, in particular around how to claim coins on the mainnet and how the mainnet works.

This guide will explain how the EOS mainnet token swap works, and summarise things like EOS voting, EOS wallets & th...

Throughout 2017 and 2018 there have been a number of Bitcoin forks, where new coins have been created off Bitcoin. Notable examples including Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold.

This provides opportunities like getting free coins, so draws a lot of attention. This guide will go through upcoming Bitcoin forks in the second half of 2018.

What is a Bitcoin Fork?

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Over 2018 the idea of a Bitcoin ATM has started to become more popular, where rather than withdrawing cash like a normal ATM you're able to exchange your cash for Bitcoin. Below we go through how these work, and some websites mapping out where these ATMs are.

How does a Bitcoin ATM work?

Using a Bitcoin ATM is very similar to using a website like Coinbase, whe...

When you send a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin from one wallet to another, for example when you move it between two exchanges, you have to pay a fee. Sometimes this is very small, and sometimes it's very large; this guide will go through how these fees work.

How money is sent via proof-of-work & proof-of-stake

There are two common ways to achieve consensus (dec...

On the 6th April 2018, Monero went through a hard-fork where it changed it's mining algorithm to become resistant to ASIC Cryptonight miners.

Over the 5th & 6th April 2018, several other variations of Monero have appeared causing many people to be confused on which one they should be holding and supporting. This guide will explain what each of these are.

See this earlier g...


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