Miner B3 Profitability ($0.10/kWh)

The Miner B3 ASIC miner by GMO mines the SHA256 algorithm. It has a hashrate of 24TH/s and consumes 1950W of power.

ModelMiner B3
Power usage1,950W

Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Prediction

1 BTC is currently worth $6335.21, and BTC's current difficulty is 7.18T. Calculations use a power cost of $0.10/kWh.

At Current Price & DifficultyOptimistic Prediction This takes into account a 15% difficulty increase monthly & a 10% price increase monthly.Skeptical Prediction This takes into account a 40% difficulty increase monthly & an 8% price increase monthly.
Profit after 2 years$370 (19% ROI)$26 (1% ROI)$15 (1% ROI)
1st year$185.09, ฿0.295$26.24, ฿0.153$15.42, ฿0.0845
2nd year$185.09, ฿0.295$0.00, ฿0.029$0.00, ฿0.0015

On the chart below you can see how our predictions have changed over the past several months.


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