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In late 2018, IOTA is the 12th most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap, currently worth $0.52 per MIOTA at the time of writing this. There are many posts on the topic of predicting IOTA's price over the next few months and even going into 2019, 2020 and onwards.

Below we analyse a number of arguments commonly used when making these predictions for IOTA's price, both for it increasing a...

Over 2017 and 2018 Bitcoin has become very widely known, some calling it the next generation of money and others calling it a scam. But Bitcoin isn't new, its software was first released in January 2009.

Below we explain when various aspects of Bitcoin were created, and other key events in its adoption.

Timeline of important Bitcoin events

18th August ...

At the time of writing this on the 6th September 2018, Bitcoin has dropped 8.4% in the past 12 hours (it's currently at $6750, and looks to be dropping even more as we write this). Many altcoins like NEO and OMG dropped as much as 20%. This led to many news stories being posted around why this Bitcoin 'crash' happened.

Below we go through a number of these opinions.


Binance is a very popular crypto-to-crypto exchange in 2018, which at the time of writing this has more 24 hour trading volume than any other exchange in the world. It offers many hundreds of trading pairs with low trading fees, has its own coin called Binance Coin (BNB), and has a great reputation in the crypto space. But is it any good?

Below we provide a review of the Binance exchange,...

On the 23rd August 2018 Bitmain announced a new water-cooled Bitcoin ASIC miner called the Antminer S9 Hydro. With 18TH/s of mining power at a power consumption of 1728W, it's actually less efficient than the Antminer S9j announced earlier in August, leading many to question what the purpose of this miner is.

Below we go through the specs of the Antminer S9 Hydro and compare it against co...

Although Bitcoin has become very popular over 2018, for many people it's still very difficult to get involved with. For a non-technical person it's difficult to understand what Bitcoin actually is, nevermind how to go about buying it.

Below we go through what Bitcoin is, and how to buy it.

What is Bitcoin?

So a currency like the US Dollar is what's called ...

Electroneum (ETN) is a project trying to push mobile adoption of cryptocurrencies by decreasing barriers to entry in areas like mining and digital payments. With 2.15M registered users, compared to many crypto projects it's already fairly widely adopted. Below we go through various aspects of Electroneum such as its mobile miner and development team.

Electroneum (ETN) Mobile M...

On the 19th July 2018, Pangolin announced a new Bitcoin ASIC miner on Twitter called the Whatsminer M10. Yesterday on the 14th August 2018 they started promoting it more heavily. When comparing this miner against existing Bitcoin ASICs it sounds a bit too good to be true, where it's far more efficient than all other Bitcoin ASICs available.

Below we analyse this miner and the company behi...


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